a Wood poem

I am birth, creation, the beginning of life
I am the season of spring and like this season, I burst forth
I am the first expression of my seed in water
I put shape into myself, I plan and decide structure and form
I navigate where, when, and how shall I grow
I carve out a place in the world just like a tree takes its place on earth
In the body I am the ligaments and tendons and give shape to my bones
I govern the liver and gall bladder
I am assertive, sometimes angry
If I am too assertive I am hard and rigid
If I am not assertive enough I am bent over, losing all form
I am creativity, new ideas, I seek growth and change
I govern the eyes – I am vision.
I see beyond the moment and in so doing I bring hope to my spirit
I give form to everything that I am
I am Wood

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