an Earth poem

I am mother
I am deep, rich and giving
I am fertile and nourishing
I nourish myself with comfort
I am center
I am home, the place to which I always return at the end of a day
I am round and spinning
I am creative
I bear the harvest fruits
I am the womb and the tomb
I am reliability and wisdom
I am a place to put your feet on
I am earth – so is my color
I am late summer
I am sympathy and compassion
My sound is singing
My fluid is saliva and my flavor is sweet
The spleen an stomach are my organs
I govern the flesh
I am the power of integration – I am balanced
I contain both energies of growth and repose,
development and retirement
I give to others – I am sympathetic and thoughtful
I take from others so I will not starve
I am caring, sharing, and contentment
I am my center, my stability, that which maintains through all my passages and transitions
I am Earth

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